Daily Routines


(mine- I-)
Hello, my name is Sarah. Every day, I wake up at 8 o´clock. Then I have breakfast at 8:15. I brush my teeth at 8:30 and I dress up at 8:35. The I go to school between 8:40 and 9 o´clock.At 9 o´clock I start school. At 11 o´clock I have got a break and I always eat fruit. At 1 o´clock I have lunch at school and at 4:30 I finish school.Later, I go home and I do my homework at 5 o´clock. At 6 o´clock I do judo. When I finish judo at 7 o´clock I go home and I have a shower/bath. After I have a shower, I put on my pyjamas and at 8.30 I have dinner with my family. At 9 o´clock I tidy up the dinner and I watch TV with my mum and dad. At 9.30 I brush my teeth and I go to bed

(my mum's, dad's.... -She-He-)

Hello, my mum is Irene. Every day, she wakes up at 8 o´clock. Then she has breakfast at 8:15. She brushes her teeth at 8:30 and she dresses up at 8:35. Then she goes to work at 9 o´clock.At 9.30 she starts work. At 11 o´clock she has got a break and she always eats fruit. At 1 o´clock she has lunch at work and at 4 o´clock she finishes her work.Later, at 5 o´clock she goes home and she prepares the snack. At 6 o´clock she helpme to judo. Then, she goes home and she puts on her pyjamas. At 7.30 she cooks the dinner and she has dinner at 8.30 with her family. At 9 o´clock she tidies up the dinner and she watches TV with her daughter, son and husband. At 9.30 she brushes her teeth and she goes to bed

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