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A giraffe is very tall. It can easily look into a second-story window. It has a long neck. How many neck bones or vertebrae are in its neck? You both have seven vertebrae. The giraffe’s are just much bigger!
A giraffe’s tongue is very long. It can be twenty inches long. The end of its tongue is dark. It is blue-black. Some scientists think their colour protects the giraffe. It protects it from getting sunburned!
The giraffe has a long tail. It is the longest tail of any land mammal. Its tail can be eight feet long! The tail has a tassel at the end. The hairs on the tassel are ten to twenty times thicker than your hair. Giraffes use the tassel to swish away pesky bugs.

Answer the following questions:

1)    How many vertebrae are in a giraffe’s neck?
a)    Seven
b)    Eight
c)     Ten
d)    Twenty
2)    Mostly likely, a giraffe’s tail is:
a)    Shorter than its tongue
b)    Longer than you are tall
c)     Shorter than you are tall
d)    Longer than the giraffe is tall
3)    What might make you think the giraffe lives where it is hot?
a)    Its neck
b)    Its long tail
c)     Its tongue colour
d)    Its tassel hair
4)    Have humans and giraffes the same number of vertebrae?
5)    What is the difference between giraffe’s neck and our neck?
6)    How is the end of the giraffe’s tongue?
7)    What is the tassel used for?
1. inches: neurri bat
2. sunburned: eguzkitik erreta
3. Feet long: neurri bat
4. tassel: borla 

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